Ron's Story


Helping you and your dog find balance
Developed by dog behavioral trainer, Ron Shannon, Balance Behavioral Training is a program uniquely designed to work with your dog’s natural canine behaviors.

Your pup is a social guy! His natural instinct is to fit in with the pack by following his leader. Through conditioning and socialization, Ron’s Balance Behavioral Training shows your dog how to be the best dog he can be by teaching you how to project the type of leadership your pet will respect and understand.

From walking on a leash to curbing aggressive tendencies—Ron’s Balance Behavioral Training program effectively solves any training conundrum.
As a dog behavioral trainer, Ron has trained and rehabilitated dogs of all ages and behavioral problems.

But for Ron, the development of his dog behavior-training program has been a deeply personal journey.

The youngest of five siblings, Ron had never been put in charge of training the family pets.

That all changed when he brought home his first puppy, a toy fox terrier named Petey. At the time, Ron was working as a graphic designer. He didn’t know a thing about dog training. All he knew was that Petey was an easy-going kind of guy that lived up to his reputation as “man’s best friend.”

Sadly, when Petey was just nine months old, he was attacked and killed by two large dogs. The dogs that attacked him weren’t inherently bad. But they had never been properly trained. When they broke free from the neighbor’s yard and saw Petey playing in his own back yard, their natural attack instincts overtook them.

The incident devastated Ron and changed the course of his life, and after it happened, Ron dedicate his life to dog training.

Since 2003 when Petey was killed, Ron has built a reputation for himself as the man to go to for overcoming the most difficult training hurdles. Just as no two humans are alike, Ron understands that each dog comes with his own personal story, physical characteristics and temperament.  

By giving families specific training tools that fit their lifestyles and working with them to create an environment that allows each dog to thrive, Ron’s program ensures that every dog is a success story.

How does Balance Behavioral Training differ from other training programs?
Balance Behavioral Training works because it lets your dog be a dog. Some courses kick dogs out for being rambunctious or aggressive—but those are the dogs that benefit the most from training!

Balance takes a different approach by looking at training from a dog’s perspective. That means understanding that food, exercise, rest and playtime routines are the most important parts of your dog’s day—they are also the most crucial factors to consider when socializing and training your dog.

Unlike other programs, with the Balance program, Ron travels to your home so that he can cater his training to your family, outdoor space, and daily routines.

When it comes to successful dog training, think about FIDOS:

Fun – Playtime is a crucial part of any training program.  In nature, this is how dogs learn to interact with each other without crossing boundaries.
Idle – Effective crate training techniques help your dog feel safe so that she doesn’t take part in destructive behaviors at bedtime or while you’re away.
Diet – Find out how to curb aggression and instill healthy eating habits by leveraging your dog’s natural instinct to connect you with treats and meals.
Obey – With the right tone, movements and reactions, you can become the type of pack leader your dog will naturally want to follow.
Stroll – Exercise is a huge part of the Balance4K9 program. Routine runs or walks put your dog in the right mindset to learn by burning off excess energy and anxiety.